Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Magic only for children?
A: No, Magic is enjoyed by all and is used in business, educational, and formal events.

Q: Does the show contain adult language?
A: No, DLC Productions' magic performances cater to a family oriented crowd.

Q: What do you charge for a show?
A: It will vary depending on your entertainment needs. It is best to talk with a representative from DLC Productions. Understanding your needs helps to ensure that they are met and guarantee you are not over charged.

Q: Can you work with a theme event?
A: Any show can be custom tailored to reflect the theme of your event. If you are a corporate sponsor, the product can be blended into the show. If you are having a Hawaiian luau, the show will reflect the image. Again, the only limitation is the imagination.

Q: Do I need a sound and lighting system?
A: If the event commands a need for sound and lighting systems DLC Productions is self contained with both systems. No need to worry about rentals.

Q: How do you make a lady float?
A: Give DLC Productions a call for the answer.

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